John Cena Teases Showdown With The Rock in Fast 10

It's very rare for a film franchise to go the distance like the Fast & Furious series. From their humble beginnings as a movie about robbing trucks with DVD players to films with magnet jets and cars that defy all laws of physics, it's truly a sight to behold. Something else about the series that makes it just as insane from an outside perspective is it's been able to recruit two of the biggest wrestling stars on the planet into its extensive roster of cast members. Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock joined the series with 2011's Fast Five, and John Cena will make his Fast Saga debut with the upcoming F9.

Speaking with at today's F9 event in Miami, the topic of Cena and The Rock facing off in a future Fast & Furious movie was brought up, with Cena teasing that a throw down between the two of them could be possible.

"Well, I will say this, man, it's amazing the parallels that Fast runs with WWE. In Fast, never say never."

Cena and The Rock have faced off in the ring two times, with Johnson winning the first time and Cena the second. Since then fan demand for a final chapter in the "Series" has only grown stronger and they just might get what they want but on the big screen. Johnson appeared just last year in Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw and the tenth Fast & Furious movie is scheduled to be released next year, so fans may not have to wait long to see the two battle.

Speaking of battles and throwing down, we also asked Cena if he felt that the Fast family would be able to take on what might be their closest competition, The Avengers. Cena wouldn't say one way or the other if he thought the battle would go but expressed his enthusiasm for the Fast franchise and how it has grown over the years.

"So this is what I find brilliant about the Fast franchise, and this is truly a testament to the Fast family, the people around the world who love these movies. They walk in to see these movies with a sense of family, and a sense of fun, and you're right, over the course of the eight installments, soon to be nine, they're superheroes without capes. But it's okay, because we've slowly like worked into that. It started out with unbelievable car stunts and then unbelievable action stunts and then a combination of both and then what can you do next?"

"So because of the foundations and because you care about the characters, they've literally been able to create superheroes without costumes. That's impossible, and now people expect it, so it's cool. They've crafted their way into being a movie about this mythical stuff, but it's still also very practical. They're still real human beings interacting, they don't need comic book folklore, which is not a bad thing I'm a fan of all that, I'm filming The Suicide Squad right now, so it's not like that's a negative. But to have the foresight to craft that and have the audience not only believe it but expect it, it's so unique."


F9, which is the official title for the movie and the shortest of the series, is scheduled to be released on May 22, 2020.