John Wick Fan Theory Has Us Convinced the Trilogy Is Set in a Video Game

If you've seen any of the three John Wick movies, you'll know the eponymous character kills plenty [...]

If you've seen any of the three John Wick movies, you'll know the eponymous character kills plenty of people — like so many people. So many, in fact, one fan theory is gaining some substantial steam online suggesting the entire universe is actually set within a video game. If we're being honest, the theory itself starts making a whole lot of sense once you start digging into it. Shared to r/FanTheories by u/mantaraypreviouslife, the Wick video game has six pieces of supporting evidence.

First and foremost is the amount of people Wick (Keanu Reeves) manages to kill throughout the movies. For the vast majority of the movie, the retired assassin mows down one bad guy after another as everything blurs together and the bodies fall faceless. That is, of course, until Wick eventually comes across the big bad or, in the case of this theory, a final boss.

Then comes the movie's near-silent fights. Virtually no dialogue is to be seen through the vast majority of the fights — no quips, pokes, prods, or the like. One of the biggest pieces of supporting evidence is Wick's ability to seemingly self-heal throughout the duration of the series. He'll get stabbed or shot and moments later, it's evident he's getting better — almost as if the character finds a health pack off-screen.

The theory also points out the franchise's use of gold coins as the ruling currency of the world, and that's not to mention the people in the background of the shootouts and fights apparently not caring about the action unfolding in front of them. You know, exactly like most NPCs would.

Finally, there's the placement of The Continental which, in this theory at least, would serve as the "saving point" for the video game. There, Wick's able to rest and recharge, in addition to picking up various supplies that will help him throughout the game. See, a pretty reasonable theory...right?

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum is now streaming on HBO Now. The first two John Wicks are available wherever movies are sold.

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