EXCLUSIVE: Karan Soni Talks Deadpool, Improvising with Ryan Reynolds


Actor Karan Soni is having quite the couple of years. After a 2015 with a role in Goosebumps and sharing screen time on a TV show with Patrick Stewart, 2016 will see him in the highly anticipated Deadpool and Ghostbusters amongst other projects.

Catching up with Soni on the red carpet at the Ash vs Evil Dead premiere event, the actor had a bit to say about Deadpool, which outside of its trailer hasn't had a lot of promotion just yet.

"I do not kick ass. I play a character who's pretty scared," he said with a laugh. "So don't expect me to put on any supersuits. I'm purely there for comedic relief." His role, Dopinder, is a "nerdy character," which he says is "more fun!"

"I love playing weirdos, and I love doing comedy!"

All his scenes are with Ryan Reynolds, "we kind of play buddies in the movie," he said. There's a lot of improvisation between the two, and he's "curious to see what made it into the movie. There's some pretty funny lines." The actor gets to see the current cut of the movie in a couple of weeks, on November 18, and is excited to see what it looks like all cut together.

If he had to be the leading man, he said he'd love to play "Cyclops. I think he's really cool, I like his look. I'd also love to play Storm, if we're talking some gender reversal. That's an insane power, to control the weather!"