Kate Beckinsale Gives Health Update From Hospital

Late on Friday night came a report that actress Kate Beckinsale, best known for starring in the Underworld film franchise, was rushed to a hospital in the Las Vegas area. According to a report from TMZ at the time, the tabloid claimed the actress was rushed to the Emergency Room "after her back gave out." With the weekend now in the rearview mirror Beckinsale has now taken to Instagram to offer a comment on her status and give fans on update on her condition, writing a simple message: "Feeling a lot better. Thank you so much for your kind messages and love x" 

Beckinsale is currently in Las Vegas taking part in filming on Prisoner's Daughter, a new film from director Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight, Lords of Dogtown). She'll star opposite Brian Cox, Tyson Ritter, and Ghostbusters alumnus Ernie Hudson. Written by Mark Bacci, a previously revealed logline for the film revealed that it follows "a tough but proud ex-con (Cox) who's struggling to find a way to reconnect with his only (Beckinsale) and grandson (Ritter); once he begins an attempt at reconciliation, his violent past once again catches up to him." 

One of Beckinsale's other most recent posts on Instagram seemingly featured her in costume on the set, having tagged Hardwicke in her photo.

"Mark Bacci's script is a raw, personal look at a deeply fractured family, similar to my first film Thirteen," Hardwick said in a statement over the summer about the film. "With Prisoner's Daughter, I want to fully immerse the viewer in Kate's character's intense world as she, her father and her young son try to heal generational family trauma and find a new way forward."  

Beckinsale's post today marks the latest instance of her using her social media to be public and forthcoming with fans about her health and scares that she's suffered. Back in 2019 Beckinsale was hospitalized after having surgery due to a ruptured cyst. Afterwards she also took to Instagram to write about it, posting:


"Turns out a ruptured ovarian cyst really hurts and morphine makes me cry. So thankful to everyone who looked after me." Beckinsale also opened up about why she was sharing these vulnerable images of herself, adding: "I have Instagram largely to have my own honest narrative and not have to always be ambushed by stories that come out that are invented, I'd prefer to say what happened than endure speculation and so I chose to share. I agree, it's not a normal impulse. But it's not normal to be photographed in vulnerable situations by people you don't know either. (If you were interested in knowing the provenance of this, which, you probably are not.)"

We wish her a safe and quick recovery.