Awesome Human Keanu Reeves Hosted a John Wick Viewing Party for Bill & Ted 3 Cast and Crew

During a break in filming on Bill & Ted Face the Music, franchise lead Keanu Reeves treated the whole cast and crew to a viewing of John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum, the most recent flick in the heart-racing action franchise. As Bill & Ted writer Ed Solomon detailed during the movie's Comic-Con@Home panel over the weekend, a potential hurricane shut down production for an extended time and the world's nicest man lept into action. Turning lemons into lemonade, Reeves and his co-star Alex Winter both treated the movie's workers to a combo John Wick showing and luncheon.

"I think my favorite moment, my most salient moment, was on a day where we were shut down because of the potential hurricane," Solomon said during the panel. "We were all stuck up in a town called Covington, and Alex and Keanu both, in different ways, like hosted the whole cast and the whole crew. We actually went to it was like a 1 o'clock performance of John Wick. The whole crew and cast were stuck there, and Keanu actually hosted this production of John Wick that we all watched. And then Alex hosted a lunch afterwards."

Reeves has suddenly found himself back atop the Hollywood A-list due to his recent successes with the Wick franchise. Those successes have led to another sequel in The Matrix franchise, an appearance in Toy Story 4, and even a major role in the new Cyberpunk video game. When we spoke with Wick creator Derek Kolstad earlier this year, the writer told us he thinks Reeves has one or two more Wick films left in him.

"I think the other thing, too, is to his [Keanu Reeves'] credit and to his career, he's done very few sequels," Kolstad told us. "He found something very special in John Wick that is very important to him, that is both spoken and unspoken. I don't know how many more there will be, but I think the plan right now is, at the very least, four to five."

The writer added, "The idea being if we can... Shoehorn is the wrong word. It's very negative, but if you can look at Chapter 4 and go, 'Is it one long movie, or do you take your time, let it breathe, be its own creature as four and five?' I think that's where he would be incredibly happy. He's taken ownership of this character. He's made it his own in the best ways possible, and so it isn't a matter of deferring to a guy like Keanu. It's a matter of all of us excited to play again."


John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum is now streaming on HBO Max. Bill & Ted Face the Music will receive a combine theatrical and VOD release on Labor Day weekend.