Kevin James Wants to Do Paul Blart: Mall Cop 3

Out of all of the projects that are part of Kevin James' filmography, the Paul Blart films have developed a unique reputation. The 2009 film and its 2015 sequel were both regarded box office successes, and despite being poorly-received by critics, there has been a push from some fans to see a third installment come to fruition. In a recent interview with ScreenRant, James discussed the possibility, and revealed that although he hasn't quite developed a story for the hypothetical third film, he would "love" going back to the project.

"Yeah. Well, we've got to work that one out," James revealed. "I would love that. I don't know what the story is yet. But it was so much fun shooting in Vegas. That was a great time."

If a third Paul Blart film were to come to fruition, it would be interesting to see where and how it would ultimately be released. The first two films were made under the Happy Madison banner, and the majority of the company's films are now being released exclusively on Netflix. Over the past few years, that has included Ridiculous 6, The Do-Over, Sandy Wexler, The Week Of, Murder Mystery, and Hubie Halloween. Those films have seemingly been a hit for the streaming service, with a 2020 report revealing that Netflix viewers had watched over 2 billion hours of Adam Sandler content. 

"Whether you know him as Sandman, the Water Boy, Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Nick Spitz or simply Adam, one thing is clear: our members can't get enough of him," Ted Sarandos, Netflix Chief Content Officer, said when Sandler's deal with Netflix was extended. "They love his stories and his humor, as we saw with Murder Mystery. So I could not be more excited to extend our partnership with Adam and the Happy Madison team and deliver more laughs around the world."

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