Kevin Smith Chased by Autograph Seekers Down Backroads Late at Night

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are currently in the middle of their Reboot Roadshow, which is taking the two men across the country to screen their latest comedy, Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. The tour kicked off in New Jersey last month and it's taken them everywhere from Chicago to Texas with plenty of stops to go. Smith has been chronicling their journey on social media, sharing fan stories and photos of their stops at local attractions. Unfortunately, their latest stop took a dangerous turn when they were chased down by autograph seekers. Smith took to Twitter to share the story and warn people of the dangers of such behavior:

"SIGNATURE SEEKERS! Happy to sign for you when there's time (as I did all night between shows, even though none of you bought tickets), but 3 cars fulla you Princess Di-chased me & @JayMewes down Pittsburgh backroads at 1am and then came to our hotels. Not cool and not safe," Smith wrote.

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot is currently up on Rotten Tomatoes with a 74% critics rating after 19 reviews and a 94% audience score after 496 reviews. This is pretty impressive considering the movie is the sequel to a comedy movie that was made 18 years ago.

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot will see the return of many "View Askewniverse" classics such as Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Jason Lee, Brian O'Halloran, Joey Lauren Adams, Rosario Dawson, Shannon Elizabeth, Justin Long, Jason Biggs, James Van Der Beek, and more. There will also be some exciting Smith movie first-timers showing up, including Chris Hemsworth, Val Kilmer, and Melissa Benoist.

The follow-up to Kevin Smith's 2001 film, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, will see the characters "return to Hollywood to stop a reboot of 'Bluntman and Chronic' movie from getting made."


Stay safe out there, Kev and Jason!

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot is playing in select cities.