Kevin Smith Took COVID-19 Test, Results Came Back Negative

You can't be too careful these days, which is why filmmaker Kevin Smith revealed that he took a [...]

You can't be too careful these days, which is why filmmaker Kevin Smith revealed that he took a test to see if he's contracted the COVID-19 coronavirus. Smith revealed the news on the latest episode of his Fatman Beyond podcast, confirming his results came back negative. "I went for a test this week," he said. "It's a weird experience, I put it up on my Instagram if anybody wants to watch it. I came up negative or clean, whatever the hell they say....But it's still out there kids. Now they're saying masks are more (helpful), they were like 'Masks, won't f***ing do s***, it's more for everybody else.' But now they're saying masks do a f*** ton of good."

Smith and his co-host Marc Bernardin went on to wax poetic about the use of masks in everyday life moving forward, considering a future of their live show where they wear masks on camera and in each episode. They pair also joked that when the venue where they host their series opens back up that they should be the ones without masks, but as Smith stated, they're important right now. You can watch the video of Smith getting his COVID-19 test in the player below.

The prolific writer/director has been very outspoken about what he's been doing with his time in quarantine, revealing over the past few weeks that he's been cranking out pages for multiple screenplays including Twilight of the Mallrats (a sequel to his 1995) comedy), the Canadian horror film Moose Jaws, and the highly-anticipated Clerks III.

Smith has been very open about his plans for Clerks III for many years now, with the project going through various forms. Now, after years of development and differing drafts, it seems like the third film in the series will finally go in front of cameras in the near future. Smith has previously broken down the overall plot of the film, and a recent tweet revealed that the new movie will (unsurprisingly) take place almost entirely at Quick Stop.

The writer has also opened up on his new television series, Masters of the Universe: Revelation, a new Netflix original which Smith serves as showrunner. Smith confirmed that development on the new anime series is still underway despite the novel coronavirus, and has assured fans that the new edition of the characters will be just as fans of the original animated series remember.