'John Wick' Director To Adapt Image's 'Kill Or Be Killed' To Big Screen

It looks like John Wick's Chad Stahelski will be lending his talents to another action-filled property.

The director is set to helm a live-action adaptation of Image's Kill or Be Killed, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The script will be written by Dan Casey, who previously adapted Brubaker's Incognito.

The comic, which is courtesy of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, takes its moniker to a whole new level. The comic follows Dylan, a depressed college student who attempts suicide. After he survives the attempt, he is soon visited by a demon, who puts a slightly twisted spin on Dylan's new mortality - he will be allowed to live one month for every person he kills.

Stahelski directed both John Wick installments (technically co-directing the first one with Deadpool 2's David Leitch). He is set to helm the upcoming third installment as well. Outside of that, Stahelski is a prolific assistant director and stunt coordinator, working on Captain America: Civil War, The Wolverine, and The Hunger Games.

John Wick producer Basil Iwanyk will also be involved with the film. Iwanyk has quite a touch on the film world, also producing Sicario, The Town, and Wind River.


At this moment, there is no word as to which studio will distribute Kill or Be Killed, or who will end up starring in the picture. ComicBook.com will provide you with updates as they come about.