Disney's Live-Action Lady and the Tramp Changing Controversial Siamese Cat Song

While the majority of the live-action remakes being produced by Walt Disney Studios are hitting theaters around the world, the reimagining of Lady and the Tramp is set to be one of the first major movies released exclusively on the upcoming Disney+ streaming service. The new film will test the strength of Disney's streaming game, and it will also be making some much-needed changes to the original Lady and the Tramp from 1955. Most notably, aside from the change from animated to live-action, the new Lady and the Tramp will be altering the controversial track, "The Siamese Cat Song."

Fans will probably remember the moment from the original film all too well. Lady has a run-in with two identical Siamese cats, who emerge from their basket to sing a menacing song in front of her. This bit from the movie hasn't aged well over the years, clearly highlighting some extreme Asian stereotypes. Fortunately, the filmmakers behind the remake are making an effort to right the wrong.

According to a report from Variety, the live-action movie will be changing the scene and utilizing original music from Janelle Monae, who lends her voice to a character in the film as well. Her artist collective Wondaland will also work on "reinventing" the music in the scene, which was originally performed by Peggy Lee.

Wondaland contributors Nate "Rocket" Wonder and Roman GianArthur are working on a new direction for the characters, who reportedly aren't going to be Siamese cats in this version of the movie.

This isn't the only change being made to Disney's IP ahead of the launch of Disney+. For example, the entire Song of the South movie is being omitted from the streamer's library, and the offensive crows from Dumbo will be removed/altered for the service.

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