'Mary Poppins Returns' Trailer Airing During The Oscars

The Academy Awards are tonight and in addition to all of the red carpet style as well as the awards themselves, viewers have something else to look forward to. According to Lin-Manuel Miranda, the trailer for Mary Poppins Returns is coming tonight as well.

Miranda revealed during an Oscars red carpet interview with ABC's Michael Strahan that the Mary Poppins Returns trailer will premiere tonight during the Oscar's telecast.

The iconic nanny, played by Emily Blunt, is making her way back into theaters this year and while we have gotten a few brief looks at the upcoming film thanks to a photo debuted on USA Today late last year, the trailer will be the first for the upcoming Disney film.

While Mary Poppins Returns functions somewhat as a sequel to Julie Andrews' iconic turn as the British nanny in Disney's 1964 classic, this new film will feature a slight different take on Poppins that is closer to the original character in the books.

"I just loved how eccentric and wacky she is in the books -- incredibly vain and rude to the children," Blunt told USA Today last year. "As a British person, I really responded to that lack of saccharine relationships. I find it comforting the idea of someone just sweeping in who's no-nonsense and cleaning everything up and making everything right again in a magical way that's not sentimental."


Mary Poppins Returns is set to open in theaters on Christmas Day.

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