Matthew McConaughey Launches YouTube Channel

Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey has some free time on his hands and not satisfied with [...]

Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey has some free time on his hands and not satisfied with hoping for a career in professional wrestling the actor has begun a YouTube channel on his own. McConaughey has released two videos on the channel so far, the first an introduction and the second a video where he's aiming to raise money for his Just Keep Living Foundation to benefit those in Texas affected by the winter storms that ravaged the state in February. In his welcome video to the channel, posted on Friday, March 12, McConaughey vaguely describes his intentions for the channel in a way that only he can.

"McConaughey here and I want to welcome you to my YouTube Channel," he says in the video "It's a destination where I'm going to share who I am, who I'm not, what I believe in, what I don't, what I'm doing, what I'm not doing, along with some approaches to life that I've found useful and constructive along the way. Prescriptions in the art of living that have helped me navigate this rodeo we all live in and even a bunch of bumper stickers that I've seen, heard, gathered, and stolen along the way over my last 51 years here."

He continues, "Hopefully it's going to be all killer, no filler with some raps and rhymes that can help you get back on time put a little reason to your rhyme, some food for thought with a sip of wine. Bring your funny bone, don't be afraid to bend a knee and join me in the chase to be more me with your chase to be more you. Because what else we really here to do? I am looking forward to connecting with y'all, so in the mean times and all times, just keep living.

The most recent credits on McConaughey's resume are all from 2019 when he starred in four films, the Guy Ritchie crime film, The Gentlemen; the Harmony Korine comedy The Beach Bum; as himself in Between Two Ferns: The Movie for Netflix; and in the shocker of the year, Serenity (unrelated to the Joss Whedon film but truly its own kind of insane).

In a recent interview with Maria Menounos on the Better Together podcast McConaughey expressed an interest in trying professional wrestling saying, "You can't say too much about these things, but it is something that interests me." It seems unlikely that this specific pivot in his career will come to pass, but stranger things have happened.