Midsommar Director Says Next Film Is a 4-Hour "Nightmare Comedy"

Between Hereditary and Midsommar, Ari Aster has safely established himself as one of the most boundary-shattering directors working today. Aster's work in the horror genre has significantly entertained - and creeped out - his fans, and it sounds like that isn't stopping anytime soon. In a recent interview with UC Santa Barbara's Associated Students Program Board, Aster teased a bit of info regarding his future projects, particularly with one that he has just finished a new draft of. Aster described the project as a "nightmare comedy", and teased that it will definitely not be for everyone.

"All I know is that it's gonna be four hours long, [and rated] over 17 [years of age]," Aster teased.

Horror fans will surely be delighted by that news, both in the description of the project itself, and in the notion that it's going to be four hours long. Aster is no stranger to longer cuts of his films, with a three-hour cut of Midsommar hitting theaters last July.

Of course, given the fact that Aster previously referred to Midsommar as an "apocalyptic break-up movie", there is a chance that the terminology of "nightmare comedy" could go into some genuinely unexpected and upsetting directions. But to an extent, one of Aster's film might not be complete without a lot of playing with audience's emotions.

"The film is definitely mining the same vein as Wicker Man was working, but as a piece of folk-horror, it's pretty irreverent in that it doesn't really stay comfortably on that route," Aster said of Midsommar in a previous interview. "That's why I'm making sure to describe it as a fairytale. It's not a million miles away from something like Alice in Wonderland. It's a psychedelic film. But there are no solid [comparisons] that I can hand you. I'm hoping that the film feels pretty singular and is a trip."


Outside of whatever this new film might be, Aster's production company, Square Peg, is also working on a remake of the 2003 Korean sci-fi comedy Save the Green Planet!.

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