Moonfall Director Roland Emmerich Reveals if He's Interested in Directing Marvel Movies, Talks TV Aspirations

Roland Emmerich's next big film, Moonfall, is hitting theaters in February and fans are curious to find out what's next for the director known for helming big sci-fi and disaster movies. With huge films under his belt like Independence Day, it's only natural to wonder if the director has any interest in working with a big studio like Marvel. Recently, had the chance to chat with Emmerich about Moonfall and asked if he has any comic book movie aspirations. While Marvel isn't on the director's radar, he is interested in breaking into television. 

"Not really," Emmerich replied when asked if he was interested in tackling a movie for Marvel, DC, or Star Wars. "Just not my thing so much. I mean, other people do it. I always try to do original movies. It's just my thing ... There's other people who can do it. I mean, there's so many great directors out there." When asked if he keeps up with the MCU, he explained, "I would say I don't see every one, but I see a lot of them." 

"There's always, naturally, the need or the desire to do things better," Emmerich shared when asked about his future goals. "That's for sure still there. It's very interesting. I think [my] next movie [or] TV show [will be] about ancient Rome and it's about sports. So, that will be interesting if this will happen. Then I have to make 10 episodes for it with maybe $120 million. That will be a challenge because you have all these animals and things. You cannot make a real accident happen with chariots, so you have to do everything digitally. That would be interesting."

He continued, "I just see how TV becomes more and more important ... I think TV has now become so good that actually, you want to play in that part because you can do so much. It's just interesting to have ancient Rome. It's really interesting because there's not one TV show about that. There's no TV show about horse racing. There are a couple like Spartacus, but they're very stylized, super-stylized. So, to make it like nitty-gritty, how it really was, is quite a challenge." 

Stay tuned for more from our interview with Roland Emmerich where he talks about Moonfall, moon conspiracies, and more.

Moonfall hits theaters on February 4th.