Netflix: Parents Point Out NSFW Autoplaying Trailers Disregard Parental Controls

If you've spent any time on Netflix over the past few months, you've probably gotten at least [...]

If you've spent any time on Netflix over the past few months, you've probably gotten at least slightly annoyed with the autoplaying trailers that pop up whenever you're browsing through the site. Each and every time you hover over a movie or TV show, the trailer for that program starts playing in the background, without any warning.

For most, this has simply been a mere aggravation, but the problem is starting to go a little deeper than that, especially for those with small children at home. It looks as though the autoplaying ads that have flooded the site don't adhere to the parental controls that are put in place for kids, allowing them to see content they normally wouldn't see.

One subscriber took to Reddit to explain the issue, saying that they put parental controls on the Netflix account so that their small children could browse through the site and find what they wanted to watch, but would need a password to access more mature content. According to the post, which you can read in full here, the autoplay trailers for the adult shows on the site, have continued to play, even when the controls are on.

In the case of this user, it was the trailer for GLOW, the series about a group of professional female wrestlers, that caused them to dial up Netflix to try and have the issue resolved.

"I called Netflix support, and the nice CS rep was able to recreate the problem and said it was probably overlooked," the user wrote in the post. "He raised a ticket with developers but still seems like a big whiff from our side.

"Summary: There's no way to block the content in auto-playing trailers, and there's no way to restrict it based on the age of the viewer. Passwords and parental controls don't do anything to stop them."

While this may not be a big deal to those that have their own accounts, parents are finding it more problematic. The original poster of the Reddit thread, as well as several commenters, noted that there was no way to turn the autoplay trailers off.

Do you think Netflix will introduce some sort of fix for this autoplay issue? Have you faced a similar problem with the streaming service? Let us know by dropping a line in the comments below!