Netflix Producing Irredeemable & Incorruptible Superhero Movie

Netflix is developing a movie based on Boom! Studios' Irredeemable. In addition, the complimentary series Incorruptible will also be put into production as well. Netflix teams Kemp Powers with The Harder They Fall director Jeymes Samuel for Irredeemable. If there was a need for any more star power, Jay-Z himself, Shawn Carter, is also aboard as a producer with James Lassiter. People who might not be familiar with the graphic novel series should expect super hero intrigue. Plutonian, the world's favorite hero, begins to slaughter everyone on Earth. Without anyone to hold him in check, the world turns to his nemesis Max Damage for help. While the villain might not want that responsibility, he's going to have to think of something to save the Earth. Over the course of the story, Max discovers Plutonian's mysterious past, which might be the key to stopping him for good. 

Mark Waid helped create Irredeemable with Peter Krause providing the artwork. He gave a statement to Deadline about the upcoming project. "Peter and I are thrilled to death that a writer and a director we both admire are bringing Irredeemable to life in a faithful and respectful way while inventing their own twists and turns," wrote Waid. "Their unique take on the comic makes it unlike any anti-hero story I've ever heard, and I love it."

Samuel spoke about his directorial goals for The Harder They Fall with's Charlie Ridgely. He was shooting for something stylistic, and it will be interesting to see what he brings to the superhero genre.

"I wanted to tell a story and to have these characters portrayed in a movie where they're not subservient. They're not less than human. They're not less than anything," Samuel explained. "And I really wanted to make a film where we see that, we see all of those things that we've been missing, like real true power amongst these people. But also, in the same breath, swag out."

"I love westerns, I don't get them enough, so I really wanted to tell a story where I can use the camera to do stuff that they couldn't do when John Ford was making westerns, that they couldn't do when John Huston was operating and alive," the director added. "I really wanted to utilize drones and show a train robbery. I love bank robberies, train robberies, jailbreaks, but I wanted to show a jailbreak and the train robbery in the same scene, and tell that story utilizing split screen. I wanted to do all these things with my debut feature film and that's what I got to do."

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