Sandra Bullock to Produce and Potentially Star in Mark Millar's 'Reborn' for Netflix

Netflix's partnership with Mark Millar has just taken a massive step forward, as it has been [...]

Netflix's partnership with Mark Millar has just taken a massive step forward, as it has been revealed that the comic writer's Reborn series is being adapted into a feature film by the streaming service, and it has one of Hollywood's biggest names attached.

According to Deadline, Netflix and Millarworld are working on a live-action Reborn film, based on the recent six-issue series from Millar and artist Greg Capullo. The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay is set to helm the project, and ti will be produced by Sandra Bullock and Vertigo Entertainment.

Not only is Bullock set to work on the film behind the scenes, but the report goes on to state that she could also star in the film. This wouldn't be much of a surprise considering the last film that Netflix and Bullock made together was Bird Box, which the streaming service claims was viewed by more than 80 million households.

As if Bullock's involvement wasn't enough, the news that McKay has been hired to direct should grab the attention of comic fans. After the success of The LEGO Batman Movie, the filmmaker was quickly tapped to direct the solo Nightwing movie for DC and Warner Bros. There has been little to no news on the progress on that film in the last year or so, however, so Reborn could be next on the filmmaker's slate. McKay is also reportedly in talks to direct a live-action Jonny Quest movie.

Reborn tells the story of an 80-year-old woman named Bonnie, who passes away in a hospital and wakes up in a brand new world called Adystria. However, upon being reborn into the afterlife, Bonnie is now in the prime of her life, and she is roped into an eternal war being waged throughout this new world. Joined by her family dog and late father, Bonnie attempts to find her husband, and bring an end to Adystria's struggles.

Vertigo Entertainment's Roy Lee and Miri Yoon will produce the film alongside Bullock. Millar and Capullo will serve as executive producers, as will Samantha Nisenboim.