The New Mutants Director Explains How it Fits Into the Complex X-Men Timeline

The New Mutants' director explained how the film ends up fitting into the complex X-Men timeline. It can be a little intimidating to track all of the different projects and how they all fit together. Its been a long road to this point, but the movie is finally hitting theaters after four years. Josh Boone joined Den of Geek on Zoom to talk about figuring out The New Mutants' place in the timeline. Does it fit into the First Class universe or does it interact with Dark Phoenix? Well, no, but it does fit with the larger timeline of the series. So, that's a bit of a surprise.

"There was a long gestation process," said Boone. "There were a lot of scripts and drafts written over time. It started being in the original X-Men timeline, ended up completely its own thing, still with connections to X-Men and all that, and obviously in the same universe, but not tethered to the Dark Phoenix universe."

During the interview, Boone also mentioned the journey to being under the Disney umbrella, "I love Marvel movies, but we were a Fox Marvel movie. So it's like as far as what that means or what it means to them, I don't have any idea. We just sort of made the movie we wanted to make at Fox, and we were inherited by Disney. The cast and I would certainly go make another one in a second if we could, and I'd love to see these characters at least carried on in some way, because I don't think anybody's got a better young cast."

Earlier this week, the director talked about the possible deleted scenes, "Instead of the typical scene-specific audio commentary, I did sort of a career retrospective interview with Bill Sienkiewicz to talk about his time working for Marvel and DC and all the other work he's done over the years."

"We also have a cool selection of deleted scenes that were either too funny or not tonally right for the cut, which I've left as fun things for fans to look at and enjoy that are a little more wink-y, gag stuff," Boone continued. "There's also some other behind-the-scenes stuff on there I can't talk about yet, but it was really fun to sit down with Bill and learn about his life and his work."


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