The New Mutants Director Teases Deleted Scenes for the X-Men Movie

The New Mutants' director is teasing some deleted scenes for the X-Men movie. It's been a long road to this point, but the film is generating a number of reactions online already. After numerous delays, the fans who have been clamoring for The New Mutants will have their chance to see it tomorrow. But, director Josh Boon told that he has some nuggets for the people looking forward to the deleted scenes from the movie. It sounds like there is some conversation with the legendary Bill Sienkiewicz about his run on The New Mutants. The comics artist's version of the team is a heavy influence on the film. Also along for the ride are some funny or awkward moments that just didn't fit.

The director began, "Instead of the typical scene-specific audio commentary, I did sort of a career retrospective interview with Bill Sienkiewicz to talk about his time working for Marvel and DC and all the other work he's done over the years.

"We also have a cool selection of deleted scenes that were either too funny or not tonally right for the cut, which I've left as fun things for fans to look at and enjoy that are a little more wink-y, gag stuff," Boone added. "There's also some other behind-the-scenes stuff on there I can't talk about yet, but it was really fun to sit down with Bill and learn about his life and his work."

Earlier this summer, spoke to Josh Boone about the possibility of the film being released over Video On Demand. He told us that he would be happy just as long as the fans could be able to see it after waiting all this time for a resolution. Keep in mind that this is a film that had four separate delays and was filmed before the Game of Thrones finale even aired. So, this whole situation is more than a little bizarre.

"Well, I mean, I don't really get scared about stuff like that. I just want as many people to see it as possible. And for everybody who wants to see it to be able to see it," Boone said at the time. "So obviously if we can do it theaters, that's always my first choice. But like Disney came to me and said they were gonna stream it I'd be like awesome. Then everybody can watch it. It'd be great."


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