Oblivion Trailer: Five Questions Raised

Oblivion Last Superbowl

Universal has released the first trailer for Oblivion. Oblivion is a science fiction movie that stars Tom Cruise as Jack Harper. Th concept was originally being developed as a graphic novel, before it was turned into a film. Judging from the first trailer, Oblivion looks to be very interesting. We've compiled the five biggest questions raised by the trailer. Who won the last Super Bowl? – Oblivion has an incredible inventive opening for a movie trailer. While the remains of an overgrown stadium are shown, Tom Cruise recounts the very last play of the very last Super Bowl. With seconds left on the clock, the quarterback throws a Hail Mary pass that is caught for a touchdown. So we know the last Super Bowl was a classic, but Tom Cruise doesn't tell us who won.

Oblivion Darth VaderWhat is the Darth Vader-like creature?

– At one point in the trailer, someone or something dressed like Darth Vader jumps out. At first, we wondered if this might be some alien race, which just looked like Darth Vader by coincidence. But after further reflection, we're wondering if it might be someone purposefully dressing like Darth Vader. Since Oblivion is set on Earth, maybe it is some type of survivalist cosplay. It does appear like Morgan Freeman is wearing a black outfit similar to the one worn by the Darth Vader creature.

Oblivion Morgan FreemanIs Morgan Freeman a good guy or a villain?

– Morgan Freeman's character makes an ominous appearance, which is reminiscent of how bad guys usually show up in movies. Freeman's face is lit up by him striking a match, and he's smoking a cigar. However, things are often not as they seem in movies, so Freeman could be playing a character who is actually a good guy.

Oblivion BookWhat is Jack looking for in the books?

– During one scene Morgan Freeman's character tells Jack, "I've been watching you Jack. You're curious. What are you looking for in those books? Do they bring back old memories? Don't ask too many questions." The book that Jack is shown reading is The Lays of Ancient Rome by Thomas Babington Macaulay.

0commentsOblivion HumansWhy does Jack find humans?

– After a spaceship crashes, Jack is surprised to find containers with humans inside. One of the containers is labeled J. Rusakova. Who are these humans and where did they come from? Why are the drones trying to destroy the humans? Oblivion is set to be released in IMAX on April 12, 2013 and in regular theaters on April 19, 2013.