Pixar Releases New Teaser and Posters for Onward

After ending its biggest and most popular film franchise this past summer, Pixar Animation Studios is kicking off a new decade with its first original story since 2017's Coco. Onward is certainly Pixar's deepest dive into the world of fantasy, and seems like it has the potential to be the beloved studio's weirdest tale to-date. Fortunately for fans of Pixar's stranger side, Onward is coming to theaters in just 50 days.

This week, less than two months ahead of Onward's big screen debut, the studio unveiled a group of new posters to celebrate its upcoming release. You can see all three of them in the Instagram post from Pixar below.

"Check out these brand-new [Pixar Onward] character posters that've been conjured up," reads the post. "See the film when it cometh to theaters in just 50 days."

The trio of posters feature some supporting characters that didn't make the first round of character posters that were released last month. This new wave includes the father of the two main characters, the bottom half of him at least, a pair of unruly unicorns, and a gang of fairy bikers who call themselves the Dixie Dusters.

In addition to the new posters, Pixar shared a short teaser to tell fans that the film is just 50 days away. It mostly features footage that has already been seen in the trailers and teasers that have been released to this point.

Onward stars Chris Pratt and Tom Holland as two elf brothers who are given a magical staff by their late father, which will grant them the magic ability to bring him back for one day so he can see them grown up. The magic doesn't work out quite as well as advertised, as only the bottom half of their father is resurrected. The duo then heads out on a quest to finish the job the staff started before their father disappears for good and they miss their chance. The film is written and directed by Dean Scanlon (Monsters University) and co-stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Octavia Spencer, Ali Wong, Lena Waithe, and Mel Rodriguez.

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Onward arrives in theaters on March 6th.