Peacock Streaming Service Has Unexpected Marvel Movie

Disney+ may be known as the home to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the newly-launched Peacock [...]

Disney+ may be known as the home to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the newly-launched Peacock streaming service from NBCUniversal actually has a Marvel movie of its own. It may not be part of a cinematic universe, and it's probably one of the most critically-reviled comic book movies out there, but it's still found a way to become a beloved cult classic in its own right, one that fans have been hoping to have on a streaming service for some time. Of course, we're talking about Howard the Duck.

Howard the Duck, starring Tim Robbins and Lea Thompson, is the kind of weird that only the '80s could have produced. It wasn't a hit when it first arrived in theaters, and hasn't exactly aged well since, but people have fallen in love with its absurdity over the years. Now, thanks to Peacock, we can all enjoy Howard the Duck's insane antics.

Peacock launched on Wednesday with a multi-tier subscription system, which means that you can pay for different service options. The premium tier costs $4.99 per month and gives you access to everything on the site. However, there's also a free tier that lets anyone stream ad-supported content on Peacock, they just don't get access to the entire library. Fortunately for all of the Marvel fans out there, Howard the Duck is available on the free version of the service, so all you have to do is sign up with your email.

Some may be wondering why Howard the Duck is streaming on Peacock and not Disney+ or Hulu, since it's based on a Marvel character and Marvel is owned by Disney. Most Marvel characters used to be licensed out to other studios, much like Spider-Man is currently a Sony property. Universal had the rights to many of these characters, including Howard the Duck. Peacock is owned by NBCUniversal, which helps make sense of Howard the Duck's appearance on the service.

If you've never seen Howard the Duck, and you've been wondering what all the fuss is about, how is your chance to check it out. The film is free to watch on Peacock, all you have to do is visit and sign up for a free account, no credit card required.

Are you looking forward to streaming Howard the Duck and other movies on Peacock? Let us know in the comments!