Quentin Tarantino Says Kill Bill 3 Is 'In the Cards'

The supposed final stretch of Quentin Tarantino's directorial career has been teeming with some [...]

The supposed final stretch of Quentin Tarantino's directorial career has been teeming with some pretty rich possibilities. Even while Tarantino spent 2019 getting his ninth film (Once Upon A Time In Hollywood) into theaters and awards season consideration, the Oscar-winning filmmaker was making headlines with rumors that he could jump into the Star Trek franchise with an R-rated take on Star Trek 4. However, now that Star Trek has moved on to court director Noah Hawley, focus about Tarantino's future has moved on to a property he himself built: the long-awaited Kill Bill 3. In a recent interview, Tarantino gave his fans renewed hope, by stating that Kill Bill Vol. 3 is still in the cards!

Here's what Quentin Tarantino had to say, when he stopped by SiriusXM to appear on Andy Cohen Live: and was asked directly if Kill Bill 3 is something that could still happen:

"Well I just so happen to have had dinner with Uma Thurman last night, we were at a really cool Japanese restaurant.... She was bragging about me, and I was bragging about her, it was a lovely night [Laughs]... Well I do have an idea of what I would do. That was the whole thing, conquering that concept... exactly what's happened to the bride since then, and what do I want to do. Because I wouldn't want to just come up with some cockamamie adventure - she doesn't deserve that. The Bride has fought long and hard. Now I have an idea that actually could be interesting - I wouldn't do it for a little bit though... It would be like at least three years from now or something like that. But look, it is definitely in the cards."

When pressed by Cohen about what his directorial future looks like, Tarantino admits that Kill Bill Vol. 3 would indeed be his next movie project. The catch is that making movies isn't really on his immediate radar. Tarantino has plans for a stage play (fitting for him!) and a TV limited series, and only then will he return to the silver screen with Kill Bill 3. So, if you can hold on a few more years, Tarantino fans, you just might get what you want.

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood is now available on home video.