Sylvester Stallone Shares New Look At 'Rambo 5'

Sylvester Stallone seems to be retiring his most iconic movie characters one at a time, and the next swan song will be Rambo 5, which comes with the pretty definitive title of Rambo: Last Blood.

So far, the marketing and promotion for Rambo 5 has come from Stallone himself, and today is no different, as the actor is sharing yet another artful still image of himself as John Rambo:

Judging from the images posted so far, it's almost as if Stallone saw how director James Mangold approached the marketing and promotion for his final Wolverine film, Logan, and decided to take a page out of his playbook. You can see the parallels in the choice of black-and-white images and/or western-themed iconography - which is exactly the angle Mangold took with Logan, posting chromatic images with western/Noir iconography, much to fans' delight.

According to the caption on his new Last Blood still, Stallone is officially making this his planned approach to the promoting the film throughout its production:


"Every few days until the MOVIE comes out I’m going to post images from the upcoming RAMBO . See if you can follow along with the story using your imagination. All of the images that I post will be in black-and-white, but the film will be in dramatic color… #rambo5"

Last Blood finds John Rambo living in retirement in Bowie, Arizona, where he's dealing with physical challenges bad enough to require the assistance of a caretaker, as well as a mind troubled with PTSD from all the violence that's followed him. The old warrior gets called back into action when a violent Mexican drug cartel begins kidnapping young girls - including his caretakers' daughter. That leads to John Rambo going up against the violent criminals - only to find out he's not the warrior he once was. There will be reportedly be several chapters to the film's story, with Rambo getting severely injured, nursed back to health, and having to stage a violent rescue of the girls the cartel is herding into the sex trafficking trade.