WarnerMedia Issues Statement on Ray Fisher Allegations, Revealing New Details About Investigation

WarnerMedia has provided an update on the Ray Fisher investigation. Some new details have emerged as a former federal judge was brought in to coordinate the entire thing along with an outside law firm. Journalist Umberto Gonzalez received the statement and tweeted it out. There has been a ton of back and forth between the actor and the company for their handling of the investigation. Fisher has been very adamant in recent days that Walter Hamasa is part of the issue with the investigation. However, the company says nothing of the sort occurred. Along with that bombshell, The Wrap reported that Cyborg had been written out of The Flash and that sparked another round of dialogue between the two sides. The Justice League investigation continues to be hotly debated in fan circles, but it remains unclear how Fisher will respond to these new claims.

"The investigation was conducted by an outside law firm and led by a former federal judge. More than 80 people were interviewed," the WarnerMedia statement read. “We have full confidence in its thoroughness and integrity, and remedial action has been taken. The investigation has concluded, and it is time to move on.”

When The Wrap article surfaced, the Cyborg actor said on Twitter, “I did not publicly step down from anything. If @wbpictures has made the decision to remove me from The Flash, rather than address, in any way, Walter Hamada tampering with the JL investigation—that’s on them. The idea of removing the role, rather than recasting it, is only being used to try to avoid public backlash."

"The @wbpictures pr team has struggled to regain control of the narrative ever since they failed to bury me and the JL investigation with their September 4th hit piece—which, unsurprisingly, was written by the same reporter," he adds. "...The fact is: the Justice League investigation led to @WarnerMedia (and it’s affiliates) parting ways with Joss Whedon. Geoff Johns will be following suit. Had Walter Hamada gotten his way, NONE of that would have been possible, and the cycle of abuse would’ve continued... My team and I are still in deep conversation with @WarnerMedia regarding all these matters and—Flash or no Flash—we fully intend to see this through. I’ll keep you all posted, but in the meantime—thank you for your continued support."

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