Final 'Robin Hood' Trailer Released

Get ready to draw back your bow, because the final trailer for Lionsgate's Robin Hood movie has officially arrived.

The trailer, which you can check out above, showcases more of the high-octane fantasy story that audiences can expect. There's plenty of explosions and humorous beats, as well as a bit of a focus on the wider legend of the titular character.

The film will follow Taron Egerton's Robin Hood and Jamie Foxx's Little John, as they attempt to orchestrate an uprising in a slightly-revisionist medieval world. As Egerton has explained in past interviews, he will be bringing a new energy to the iconic character.

“I was approached not long after the first Kingsman movie had come out, and my initial response, to be totally honest, was ‘Why?’" Egerton explained in a previous interview. "[But] Otto told me he wanted to do something entirely revisionist, something that can’t be tied down to a medieval universe. The first act of the movie, these scenes crusading in Syria, were written like something from The Hurt Locker. It was fantastic, and that was enough to convince me."

"My Robin Hood, as with Kevin Costner's, he's a soldier," Egerton told last year. "We find him out in Syria. I don't think that's too much to say. He's flawed, my Robin Hood. He's a little self-involved and a little self-serving but over the course of the film becomes the hero of the legend."

"I suspect I'm probably one of the younger Robin Hoods but it's very dark." Egerton continued. "Gritty. I'm hoping that it will be very funny. Jamie Foxx is Little John. Ben Mendelsohn is the Sheriff of Nottingham. Tim Minchin is Friar Tuck. We've got some people with real, not only incredible acting skills, but also great comic chops, as well. It should have a bit of everything, he says hopefully."

Robin Hood will be directed by Peaky Blinders' Otto Bathurst, and will also star Ben Mendelsohn, Eve Hewson, Jamie Dornan, and Tim Minchin.


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Robin Hood will be released on November 21st.