Ryan Reynolds Is Making Birthday Wishes Come True By Approving X-Force Applications

Ryan Reynolds is now accepting applications for the next X-Force. Well, so far, one lucky fan has made onto the team - but maybe there will be more to come? A Deadpool 2 fan named Karen (really) posted a set of birthday wishes on Twitter, including one that read, "📋 X Force Team Application approved by @VancityReynolds 🤩 ! Just putting it out there in the Twittersphere 🙏🏻". Well, ever the humanitarian, Ryan Reynolds responded back by saying, "Approved. Happy Birthday and grab your parachute." So to all you Deadpool 2 X-Force fans out there: if you want on the squad, now might be the time to shoot your shot.

X-Force is the spinoff team of the X-Men/New Mutants. In Marvel Comics canon it has primarily served as the more militant wing of the X-Family - at times serving as a "kill squad" that covertly handles assassinations and other black ops related to eliminating threats to mutantkind. In the latest "Dawn of X" reboot of Marvel's X-Men, X-Force serves as the official CIA-style branch of the X-Men's new mutant nation.

Deadpool 2 took the X-Force concept and bent it to the comedic stylings of Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool character. Deadpool 2's X-Force was a rag-tag band of misfit mutants, including Zazie Beetz' Domino; Terry Crews' Bedlam; Lewis Tan's Shatterstar; Bill Skarsgård's Zeitgeist, Rob Delaney's Peter; and of course, Brad Pitt's surprise cameo as The Vanisher. Unfortunately for Deadpool, his knock-off X-Force didn't last long, as everyone was horribly killed while parachuting into their first mission - with the exception of Domino, whose luck powers allowed her to land safely. With that kind of (brief) history behind it, there's no telling why someone would want to sign-up for Ryan Reynolds' X-Force - but hey, maybe you'll do better than the last squad.

Marvel fans have long been waiting to see a serious version of X-Force adapted into a live-action movie - something that Fox actually had in the works as a Deadpool 2 follow-up, at one point. That film would've put Josh Brolin's Cable in the lead, of what would've been a trilogy of X-Force films. Under the Disney-Fox merger and the X-Men reboot within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's unclear if any plans for an X-Force movie are still valid.


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