Ryan Reynolds Buys Full-Page Ad for Comic Creator's Dog

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds may be having just a bit too much fun with advertising for mobile [...]

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds may be having just a bit too much fun with advertising for mobile phone company Mint Mobile. Earlier this week, Reynolds revealed he and his company had opted not to spend the money on a big game day ad and, instead, opted to take out a full page ad revealing they'll spend the money on an offer of free trial of the phone service to newcomers. Now, there's another full-page for Mint Mobile - one that made good on a joke request by comic creator Christopher Sebela to feature his dog, Zola.

So, a bit of context. On Wednesday, Reynold shared on Twitter that he'd bought an ad for Mint Mobile, the company he purchased an ownership stake in last year. The ad announced instead of spending "over $5 million dollars to advertise in a game so expensive I can't even mention its name lest we summon its army of lawyers", Mint Mobile would give away three months of the service to people who signed up for Mint Mobile during the Super Bowl on Sunday. Sebela, who is the creator behind Image's Crowded among other books, replied to Reynold's post with an interesting request.

"Can you buy another one for a full-page photo of my dog?" Sebela wrote.

On Saturday, Reynolds delivered.

According to a post from Sebela, the ad ran in Saturday's Oregonian and was absolutely not a joke as many fans may have initially thought.

While the full page ad featuring Sebela's dog, Zola, is an interesting one it's certainly been well-received by fans.

"Got to admit it, [Ryan Reynolds] has class... or something..." one reply read.

You can visit the site of Reynolds' company and their new promotion by clicking here. In total, new users that sign up with this creative promotion will save $45 over the course of three month. After the three month free window closes, users will then be charged the full price for the service.

Developed in 2016, Mint Mobile offers "premium wireless" prices for users across the US for as little as $15 a month. With Mint Mobile's Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) program, customers can get Mint Mobile service instantly on their unlocked phone or they can buy the latest iPhone or Android with Mint Mobile Service, directly from www.MintMobile.com.

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