Scream 5: Neve Campbell Claims She's Had "Conversations" About Returning to the Franchise

News emerged earlier this year that a new entry into the Scream franchise is being developed, with franchise star Neve Campbell confirming that she's had "conversations" with the creative team, per YouTube’s Jake Hamilton. The coronavirus pandemic means there won't be any major progress on a new Scream, or likely any film, for the foreseeable future, but it's clear that Campbell wants what's best for the series, whatever new direction the upcoming chapter might explore. With director Wes Craven, who helmed the first four films, having passed, Campbell confessed that directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillet aim to honor the series that Craven created.

“They’ve come to me and we’re having conversations," Campbell revealed to Hamilton. "It’s a little hard at the moment because of COVID to know when that’ll happen and hopefully we can see eye to eye on all the elements that have to come into place for it to happen."

She added, “I originally had been really apprehensive about doing another Scream without Wes because he was such a genius and he is the reason they are what they are but the directors have come to me with such a great appreciation for Wes’s work and they really want to honor it and that meant a lot to me.”

The original Scream landed in theaters in 1996 and, thanks to Craven's skills as a director and Kevin Williamson's script, the film managed to not only be a compelling slasher, but also found a way to poke fun at the genre's tropes, completely reviving the subgenre. The last film in the series, Scream 4, hit theaters in 2011.

While fans have wondered if we'd ever get a new Scream film, the series turned towards the small screen for an MTV reimagining of the lore. The original incarnation of the premise ran for two seasons and reinterpreted the source material, while a six-episode third season was yet another reimagining, which landed on VH1 last year.

Campbell isn't the only original franchise star interested in a possible return, as David Arquette, who also starred in the original four films, previously expressed his interest in reviving the series as a tribute to Craven.

"My phone has not rang and I know nothing. I honestly don't," Arquette shared with MovieWeb last December. "And I'm not just saying that. So I know just like you that they're working on a script, apparently. I don't know if our characters are going to be involved. It'd be nice. It would be exciting to be a part of it."


Stay tuned for details on the new Scream.

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