Shazam 2 Director Posts Mock Trailer For Sequel

Shazam 2 Trailer Teaser David F Sandberg

A Shazam 2 trailer has been posted by Shazam! director David F. Sanders - but it is not at all official or real. Instead, Sanders has posted his version of what Shazam 2's first teaser should look like, and it is pretty hilarious. Sanders hits all the beats of a blockbuster movie teaser, only with the humorous twist of posted some absurd quotes from "fans" of the series over the familiar scene of the holiday carnival from the first film. That "epic buildup" leads to the payoff of the Shazam family's big debut scene - and the final scene of what the actual Shazam 2 title logo could look like!

Recent reports have indicated that the coronavirus pandemic shutdown of Hollywood won't delay production on Shazam 2 again, after all. The plan is to get the sequel into production sometime in spring 2021, in time for it to be completed for its November 4, 2022 release date. Both David F. Sandberg and series star Zachary Levi are both returning, as well as screenwriter Henry Gayden.

Shazam! left the door literally and figuratively open for a much more epic sequel. The post-credits scene saw Doctor Sivana get contacted in jail by Mister Mind, the Venusian psychic space worm. In the comics, Sivana and Mister Mind united and formed the Monster Society of Evil, whose team ranks have also included the likes of Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson). That's already a stacked deck, but Shazam 2 will presumably have more for the entire Shazam Family (and adult cast) to do. Oh, and since Henry Cavill is now making DC movie appearances as Superman, fans also expect to see that partial appearance from the hero in Shazam! to fully pay off.

As of writing this, Shazam 2 is expected to be one of the big movie presentations of the upcoming DC Fandome event. It could even be the place where David Sanders reveals the real first trailer for Shazam 2!


Here's the full schedule for DC FanDome that can be found on the official website. Below are some of the major events.

  • 1:00pm ET - Wonder Woman 1984 panel with Gadot, Pine, Wiig, Pascal, and Jenkins. Hall of Heroes.
  • 1:00pm ET - The Flash TV series panel. WatchVerse.
  • 1:30pm ET - Warner Bros. Montreal Game Announcement. Hall of Heroes.
  • 1:45pm ET - Black Lightning panel with cast. WatchVerse.
  • 2:45pm ET - The Flash panel with Miller and Muschietti. Hall of Heroes.
  • 3:00pm ET - The Suicide Squad panel with cast and director. Hall of Heroes.
  • 3:00pm ET - Legends of Tomorrow panel with cast. WatchVerse.
  • 4:15pm ET - Doom Patrol panel with cast. WatchVerse.
  • 5:00pm ET- Suprise DC Comics Panel. Hall of Heroes.
  • 5:45pm ET - The Snyder Cut of Justice League panel with Zack Snyder. Hall of Heroes.
  • 6:00pm ET - Black Adam panel with Dwayne Johnson + surprises. Hall of Heroes.
  • 6:45pm ET - Title to be announced - new movie? Hall of Heroes.
  • 7:00pm ET - Aquaman panel with James Wan, Patrick Wilson. Hall of Heroes.
  • 7:15pm ET - Superman: Man of Tomorrow world premiere. WatchVerse.
  • 7:30pm ET - Shazam! panel with Zachary Levi and more. Hall of Heroes.
  • 8:00pm ET - Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League game panel. Hall of Heroes.
  • 8:00pm ET - Lucifer panel with directors and producers. WatchVerse.
  • 9:30pm ET - The Batman panel with Matt Reeves + surprises. Hall of Heroes.
  • 9:45pm ET - Stargirl panel with cast + Geoff Johns. WatchVerse.
  • 10:30pm ET- Batwoman panel with cast and EPs. WatchVerse.
  • 11:15pm ET- Harley Quinn panel withh Cuoco, Bell, Funches, Oberrg, Tudyk, and more. WatchVerse.
  • 12:30am ET - Batman: Three Jokers panel with Johns and Fabok. WatchVerse.

Shazam 2 will hit theaters on November 4, 2022.