Sister Act 3 Recruits High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Creator to Direct

Tim Federle, creator of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is set to direct Sister Act 3 along with Madhuri Shekar, writer of HBO's The Nevers and Blumhouse's Evil Eye. The long-rumored third installment sees Whoopi Goldberg return as Deloris, a nightclub singer who had to go into hiding in the first installment as a nun at a convent. Hijinks ensue, and her location ends up being jeopardized after she builds the convent choir up into a force to be reckoned with, and the notoriety that follows puts Deloris and the nuns in the media spotlight.

The 1992 movie was so popular that it spawned a sequel -- Sister Act: Back in the  Habit -- just a year later. Goldberg has periodically talked about her interest in a third installment over the years, but it got really serious around the time Disney+ launched, and the Walt Disney Company started looking at some of its unused IP, resulting in projects like Shrunk and Mighty Ducks: Game Changers

"That was Emile Ardolino who directed it, who isn't with us anymore, was so fun and kind and great. And he would literally say yes to anything that I wanted to do," franchise star Kathy Najimy said in an interview back in January. "He was so easy, he'd be like 'yeah, do that.' So we just [sic] a lot of that. And it's also Whoopi [Goldberg], you know, so, and you know, that I've known Whoopi for I think for 40 years. Yeah, 40, 41 years. So, he just let us do whatever which was for, for us Disneyland, you know what I mean? Just being able to do whatever we want. So now he was really open to it. He would say, do that do more of that? Never said no, never edited us. That was really fun, that bar scene, because it was shot in LA and it was right next to a really great frozen yogurt place. And we got to dance and sing." 

"For a long time, they kept saying no one wanted to see it. And then quite recently, it turns out, that that may not be true," Goldberg said last year. "People may want to see it. So we're working diligently to try to figure out how to get the gang together and come back."

Sister Act 3 is coming to Disney+, likely in 2022, although no specific date is known, and there are no details about the movie's story.