Todd McFarlane Reveals Spawn Becoming Bigger Budget Movie With A-List Talent Attached

Spawn's upcoming movie has a brand new update from Todd McFarlane. The creator says that this Spawn will be a bigger budget movie with A-list talent attached in an interview with's Chris Killian on the new That's Collectibles Show. During their conversation, the topic of the beloved 90s franchise had to come up. A long time ago, McFarlane argued that his Spawn project would be a lower scale affair. However, the success of multiple more "mature" comic book properties have changed things a bit. From reports of Jamie Foxx's involvement previously to today's statements, things are looking bright for the Spawn movie.

"My original plan has gotten tripped up a bit," McFarlane revealed. "You deal with a lot, given Hollywood. None of that should be surprising. But, you start bringing on A-list people. And we're bringing on A-list people. Not just one, but multiple A-list people. And, it's going to continue to grow. You're going to sell it to a studio, and then it's going to grow some more. What they're not going to want is to do a cheap, low-budget movie with all of these big name people on it. That's not why they're signing up. They're not looking for a big extravaganza. But, they're also not looking for an 8 million dollar horror movie budget."

"Then, the piece that I have to be realistic about is, once someone says yes, we take all these people and a decent amount of money, there's the chance that they buy multiple movies up-front," he continued. "They're not going to want a first time director. That's the piece, if I got one craw in me, that's it. If I'm the CEO, if I'm practical about it, I wouldn't take that deal either… They're going to have a lot at risk, because of the deal we cut with them. THey're going to want to get it back, they're going to want to get a professional director… I knew that was part of the reality."

What Else Is Going on With Spawn?

"I think in between [The Boys and a traditional horror movie]. We've got a different group of people on board, and they might not be as darkly bent as I am," McFarlane told us back in July. "If you ask me, I'd make it ugly, dark, make children cry. But the play we're trying for, and we'll see whether it works, and we'll know by the end of this year -- we're taking a pretty big moonshot of what we think we can pull off in Hollywood. If we can pull it off, it will be a big deal, financially, and once you get into those conversations, they're going to want to do it in a way that they can then get their money back."

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