Spider-Man's Home Now on Sale for Over $2 Million

Spider-Man's house is up for sale in Queens. Over on Streeteasy, you can go get the Forrest Hills abode on 20 Ingram Street. Back in the 1980s, fans became aware that Spidey had a specific address. The house in question is going to cost you a pretty penny at $2,138,000. GiGi Malek is in charge of getting a prospective buyer into the famous home. Patch managed to speak with the real estate agent about trying to sell Spider-Man's house. It sounds like it's been an interesting experience because some people know all about it. But, others are just here for a nice house and have no dreams of living out their Peter Parker dreams. At any rate, the Queens house has been attracting some real attention since being listed.

"Sometimes it's surprising to the people who come in because they don't all know… It really did make an indent on these kids," Malek explained to the outlet. "My son had the same Spider-Man costume for five years, he would not give it up."

Will We See Peter 3 Again?

Andrew Garfield talked about his experience trying to keep the secret of his return to the franchise in Spider-Man: No Way Home. He told The Wrap that it was kind of fun leading people on after a while. It feels like the entire Marvel community got wrapped up in trying to unravel the mystery of which actors would appear in the massive Spidey crossover event. A lot of fans are absolutely sure this amazing actor would be along for the ride.

"It was stressful, I'm not gonna lie," Garfield shared. "It was rather stressful but also weirdly enjoyable." He added, "It was like this massive game of Werewolf that I was playing with journalists and with people guessing, and it was very fun ...  There were moments where I was like, 'God, I hate lying.' I don't like to lie and I'm not a good liar, but I kept framing it as a game. And I kept imagining myself purely as a fan of that character, which is not hard to do."

Garfield continued, "I placed myself in that position of, 'Well, what would I want to know? Would I want to be toyed with? Would I want to be lied to? Would I want to be kept on my toes guessing? Would I want to discover it when I went to the theater? Would I want to be guessing, guessing, guessing?' I would want the actor to do an incredibly good job at convincing me he wasn't in it. And then I would want to lose my mind in the theater when my instinct was proven right. That's what I would want."

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