Spider-Man: Fan Art Gives Marvel Hero A Disney Character Makeover

Spider-Man becomes an animated Disney character in a brand new piece of fan art. Samuel Chevé’s work became a hit on social media and people are tossing him props for his version of Peter Parker. That art style has become very well-liked by audiences over the years. A bunch of different animated features use those big emotive eyes and bright colors to convey their stories. Spider is not a character that’s ever had much trouble translating to animation. (Even the 2003 animated effort has vocal fans who believed in that fun cel-shaded version of the hero.) It would not be strange to see an interpretation of the Wall-Crawler pop up on some screens in a couple of years. Especially with Sony talking about ramping up their animated efforts surrounding the character in the coming years after the success of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Comicbook.com’s Spencer Perry broke down the incoming Sony Marvel shows. Silk is on the way and Amazon looks like it could be a key player in all the Spidey shows going forward.

“The Marvel shows from Sony would mark the latest collaboration between Sony and Amazon, having previously worked on Sneaky Pete, The Tick, and now the critically acclaimed adaptation of The Boys,” Perry explained. “The studio and the streamer are also developing television adaptations of The Wheel of Time and A League of Their Own to debut on Prime sometime in the future.”

“Lauren Moon is in talks to write the Silk TV show for Sony, having previously worked on Good Trouble as well as Atypical. She is also Korean-America like Silk, so fans believe Moon could give better insight into the star's multicultural upbringing,” he added. “Created by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man, Silk, real name Cindy Moon, was revealed to be a classmate of Peter Parker who was also bitten by a radioactive spider. Her character has similar powers to Peter but with an even more enhanced spider sense ability.”


“Phil Lord and Chris Miller of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse are set to serve as executive producers under their shared production banner for the series, and seemingly any of Sony's Marvel shows,” Perry shared. “They will join Amy Pascal in overseeing the project as Sony Pictures Television also lends its production assistance.”

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