Spider-Man Fan Shows Up At Manhattan Bridge Protest In Costume

A massive number of people from around the world have taken to the streets in major cities to protest police brutality and stand up for those most often impacted by it. The Black Lives Matter movement has gathered thousands of people in each of its rally locations. While the crowds have been diverse, no one expected literal super heroes to start showing up. First, viral videos of Batman walking through smoke in a crowd surfaced and it was followed by someone dressed as Joaquin Phoenix's version of the Joker dancing through the streets. Now, Spider-Man has joined in on a protest in New York.

A Marvel fan who happened to have a Spider-Man suit for the occasion joined a protest in New York on Tuesday night, rallying with thousands of others in the city to stand up for civil rights and equality. After all, that's what heroes do. In a video which has surfaced online, Spider-Man is seen doing his wallcrawler thing on the Manhattan Bridge, getting a solid vantage point and holding his own sign in support of the Black Lives Matter Campaign.

Check out the video of Spider-Man in action at the protest in New York City in the tweet below.

One of the people in the crowd yelled, "Do a flip!" This might be a coincidence but it could also be a reference to Spider-Man: Homecoming. In the beginning of Tom Holland's first Spider-Man movie, Peter Parker is not yet a member of the Avengers so he helps the people of New York City, sometimes by entertaining them upon the same request.

Videos of protests have swarmed social media.


Below, you can see the video of someone dressed as the Joker dancing down the street.

While Spider-Man is hard at work on the streets of New York trying to fight for what's right, the character will also be back to work on his next movie soon. For now, though, it is time to reflect on real world issues.