Star Wars Episode VII Will Not Be Based On Existing Stories


Following yesterday's blockbuster revelation that the Walt Disney Company would release a Star Wars sequel trilogy following the purchase of Lucasfilm, speculation immediately ran rampant as to what story that series might tell. But before anyone gets too carried away with their expectations, a representative for Lucasfilm told E! Online that, contrary to the almost-immediate assumption by many on the Internet that the story would be the Thrawn Trilogy (which saw Luke meet his future wife and featured Han and Leia as well), the story will be completely original and not based on existing Expanded Universe works. "Of all the speculation out there about the content of this new trilogy, that's the single most concrete idea," Eric Geller of said of the Thrawn Trilogy, written by Timothy Zahn. "It's almost inevitable that the story will take place in the same time frame as those books." Whether it takes place during that same timeframe or not, the trilogy will reportedly NOT adapt the story directly, as a representative from Lucasfilm simply told E!, "It's an original story."