Tara Reid Suing 'Sharknado' Producers for $100 Million

Don’t get your hopes up for a Tara Reid-centric seventh Sharknado movie, because the actress is [...]

Don't get your hopes up for a Tara Reid-centric seventh Sharknado movie, because the actress is currently suing the franchise's producers for $100 million.

Back in 2013, the first Sharknado movie was released by The Asylum and SYFY Films, and no one could have predicted that it would launch five sequels within five years. Unfortunately, Reid claims The Asylum is in breach of their contract, and she's not backing down.

According to Variety, the actress' likeness was "used without her consent on beer cans and slot machines." Apparently, her contract "included a provision barring the producers from using her likeness on products related to gambling, alcohol, tobacco, or sex, without her written permission."

The suit against The Asylum alleges they "violated the agreement" after teaming up with Northern Monk Brewing Co. The beer company thought a Sharknado brew would be a big draw, and worked with the producers to create the product.

"The suit alleges that Reid 'did not and would not endorse such products,'" Variety writes.

The Asylum is a production company that was founded in 1997 by former Village Roadshow executives, and focuses on making low-budget films. This isn't the company's first controversy. Back in 2012, Universal filed a lawsuit against them, claiming American Battleship was an infringement on Battleship. The Asylum ended up changing the name to American Warships.

They dealt with a similar situation in 2013 when Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and Saul Zaentz teamed up to take action against The Asylum for Age of the Hobbits. Eventually, the title was changed to Lord of the Elves.

In addition to seeking punitive damages of $100 million, which Reid believes to be "an amount sufficiently large to set a public example of deterrence," the actress is also working on tons of projects.

The Last Sharknado: It's About Time was one of five movies Reid made in 2018. She also has 11 upcoming projects listed on her IMDB page.

In addition to her lawsuit, Tara Reid has been a big topic of discussion on Twitter this week, after an audio clip of her walking off Jenny McCarthy's radio show resurfaced online.

The clip might be a couple of years old, but it's wildly entertaining.

If you're looking for quality content from SYFY, we suggest checking out Wynonna Earp, which is currently streaming on Netflix.