Tessa Thompson Interested In New Kick-Ass Role

Thor: Ragnarok star Tessa Thompson is 'highly interested in' starring as the new Kick-Ass, the [...]

Thor: Ragnarok star Tessa Thompson is "highly interested in" starring as the new Kick-Ass, the actress shared on social media Thursday.

"A lot of fans asking who I'd want as this new Kick-Ass," Kick-Ass writer Mark Millar wrote in a January 17 tweet. "To be honest, one choice really jumps out and that's @TessaThompson_x."

"Valentine's Day can't come soon enough. Can't wait to read," Thompson wrote in response to the tweet Thursday. "Kicking ass is something I'm highly interested in, @mrmarkmillar." Thompson ended the tweet with a black heart.

Millar and original artist John Romita Jr. returned to the series last summer, unveiling the first look at Patience Lee, a Black female who takes over the Kick-Ass identity that originated with comic book-obsessed White teenager Dave Lizewski.

"Comics is not short of white males aged around 30; that demographic seems pretty well catered for in popular culture," Millar said in announcing the character, who sports the familiar green-and-yellow suit.

"I don't think many blonde white guys around 30 feel under-represented when they pick up comic or watch a movie. Being older or younger or female or African-American just seems more interesting to me as a writer because this character is quite unique and opens up story possibilities that hasn't been tried in almost eighty years of superhero fiction. This woman has a completely different take on Kick-Ass."

Kick-Ass: The New Girl introduces one of several new Kick-Asses. The goal, Millar said, is to take a James Bond or Doctor Who approach, regularly bringing in a "new face" for the hero under the mask.

"Every four volumes or so I want a different person in the mask," Millar said. "Sometimes it might even only last a single volume or even a single issue."

Millar also launched a new Hit-Girl ongoing series.

Thompson, who made her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as the ass-kicking Valkyrie in November's Thor: Ragnarok, is expected to reprise the role in Avengers: Infinity War, out in May.

Most recently, the Asgardian warrior can be spotted front and center near Iron Man in a newly released banner celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Thor: Ragnarok is available to own on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and Blu-ray March 6. Avengers: Infinity War opens May 4.