The Incal Movie Announcement Coming This Week

It sounds like plans to bring Moebius and Alejandro Jordorwsky's iconic sci-fi graphic novel The Incal to the big screen will be revealed later this week. Jodorowsky took to social media today to tease an announcement coming on Thursday, that will name the person tasked with helming the adaptation. "Big news coming soon!" Jodorowsky tweeted with a link to a website where those anticipating the news can sign up to be notified when it breaks. There's also an image accompanying the announcement, which you can see below. The tease comes as a surprise as there's been no news of an Incal film being in the works in recent years.

There had been plans for an animated adaptation of The Incal in the 1980s. Pascal Blais created a trailer for the movie, but it never moved forward. There was also some talk in 2013 that Nicolas Winding Refn would direct a live-action adaptation, but Winding Refn dismissed such rumors a few years later. Moebius once sued Luc Besson over the 1997 film The Fifth Element, which they claimed plagiarized The Incal. They lost the suit in part because Besson had at one point offered to hire Moebius to work on the movie. 

The Incal follows John DiFool, a detective living in a dystopian world. His life is soon turned upside down when he comes upon a mysterious artifact called the Incal. DiFool's proximity to this artifact puts him into conflict with the galaxy's greatest warrior, the Metabaron, and pits him against the powerful Technopope. 

The Incal debuted in 1980 as a series of French graphic novels launching Jodorowsky's Metabarons Universe, a comics shared universe of sci-fi space opera. Spinoffs included Metabarons, The Technopriests, and Megalex. Publisher Humanoids celebrated The Incal's 40th anniversary last year.

"If you've never read THE INCAL, here's a word of caution," Humanoids publisher Mark Waid said at the time. "This book is unlike anything you've ever read before, and you'll very likely never experience anything like it again. It's mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, absolutely insane storytelling by two masters of the medium that will challenge your preconception of what comics can do. With THE INCAL, Alejandro Jodorowsky & Mœbius created one of the essential graphic novels. It's as fresh, weird, and transgressive today as it was 40 years ago when it was first published."


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