New 'The Lion King' Footage Debuts at CinemaCon

In 2016, Disney made an ambitious decision to deliver audiences a live-action adaptation of the beloved classic The Jungle Book, directed by Jon Favreau. Luckily, that gamble paid off, with the film going on to be one of the biggest critical and financial successes of the year. Motivated by that success, Disney looked at other animated classics that could use a live-action update, handing over The Lion King to Favreau in hopes of him recreating that magic. Fans have already gotten to see a teaser trailer for the film, which impressed audiences with its visuals, though guests attending CinemaCon witnessed actual scenes from the film during Disney's presentation.

"Footage sees Mufasa sleeping and getting woken up by an enthusiastic and relentless Simba. Sarabi tells him, 'Your son's awake.' They emerge from their cave near Pride Rock,"'s Brandon Davis reported of the footage. "Simba is eager to learn from his father. His father, however, heads to the top of a rock to let out a roar. 'Dad? I'm not supposed to go up here,' Simba says . 'Look Simba,' Mufasa says. 'Everything the light touches is our Kingdom...One day Simba, the sun wil set on my time here, and rise with you as the new king.'

"'All of this will belong to me?'" Davis continued. "'It belongs to no one but it will be yours to protect.' 'Everything the light touches?...And beyond those shadows?' 'You must not go there Simba...While others look at what they can take a true king searches for what he can give.'"

Based on this description, and the teaser trailer, it sounds as though Favreau is directing a near-exact reflection of the source material.

"The two walk elsewhere, past impressively computerized spiders, elephant, and antelope. Simba questions how they protect the antelope when they eat them," Davis detailed. "Mufasa explains that when they die, they become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass. They are 'all united in the circle of life.' Zazu comes across them. Mufasa encourages Simba to pounce at him, hiding in the tall grass. Simba does just that before rolling around, laughing with his father."

In the official teaser, fans were only treated to voiceover narration, with this footage at CinemaCon finally giving audiences a look at the voices actually emanating from the characters.

The Lion King opens on July 19th.

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