The New Mutants Is Available for Digital Pre-Order on Amazon

Well, it looks like the troubled saga of The New Mutants' release may be coming to a disappointing end. The film that was plagued with numerous release delays was finally set to arrive in theaters this April, only to be removed from the schedule entirely in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the film is left without a release date, and it appears the direct-to-digital release that fans have been grumbling about may finally be the answer. The New Mutants is currently available for digital pre-order on Amazon, which is not a good sign for any hopes of a theatrical release.

On Monday afternoon, people started noticing that you could actually buy The New Mutants through Amazon's digital video service. It costs $24.99 to pre-order and seems to be a purchase, rather than a rental. Unfortunately, there is no release date set for the pre-order, so there's no way to know exactly when you would get the movie. As of now, the message above the pre-order option simply reads, "Get this movie as soon as it becomes available."

The New Mutants is the last of the X-Men movies produced by Fox to be released, following 2019's lackluster Dark Phoenix. Disney's purchase of Fox means that the X-Men characters are now legally able to be used in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and there's a good chance that those characters will be recast upon entering the franchise. From the get-go, fans worried that this spelled out bad news for New Mutants, regardless of how the film itself actually turned out.

new mutants preorder amazon
(Photo: Amazon)

Fortunately, Disney has seemed intent on releasing The New Mutants, regardless of its detachment from the greater MCU. A new trailer for the film debuted online just a few months ago, showing that the aim was still to put the movie in theaters.

Will you be disappointed to see The New Mutants released digitally instead of in theaters? Are you just glad to see the film at all? Let us know in the comments!

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