The Suicide Squad: James Gunn Confirms Movie Won't Have Reshoots

Earlier this year, much of Hollywood had to temporarily set aside most projects as the coronavirus pandemic halted virtually all productions across Tinsel Town. James Gunn and his team powered through on post-production for The Suicide Squad as the production was able to wrap shortly before the pandemic began to shut things down. Gunn and his crew were able to work on the film remotely and, as it turns out, it's almost complete. Answering fan questions Saturday afternoon, Gunn revealed they're picture-locking the feature this week without the need for any further reshoots.

"We also had reshoots built into our schedule," Gunn told a fan inquiring about the possibility of pick up photography. "But we're latching the movie this week (that's picture locking with the exception of shifting things around for still-incoming VFX shots) without having shot any."

That's pretty big news in and of itself as it means both Gunn and the studio like the movie enough in its current form to hold off on any additional shots. In fact, it also stands to reason the film may have even been test-screened with positive results, hence the need to forgo additional photography — though that's just speculation at this point.

Reshoots have been commonplace with studios as they develop comic book mega-blockbusters. Within the past few years, the sign of reshoots has shifted from spelling doom for a film to a necessity to correct any outstanding issues before being sent off to the masses. At one point, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige went so far as to say reshoots are "key" to his development process at the House of Ideas.

"Reshoots are key to our films, starting with Iron Man. We always say we're smart filmmakers at Marvel, but we're not geniuses and the best way to give notes on a movie is to watch the movie," Feige said last year. "So we make the movie and go, 'Oh yeah, no that's not right. That doesn't work," and have a system now that can be quite precise and efficient. [Reshoots last] sometimes one day, sometimes fifteen days, sometimes more to continue to go in and make the move the best it can be."

The Suicide Squad is currently set for release on August 6, 2021.

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