'Top Gun': Glen Powell to Join Tom Cruise in Sequel After All

Glen Powell may not be playing Goose's son in the Top Gun sequel, but the actor is reportedly in talks to join the film nonetheless.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Powell is in talks to take on an as-yet-undisclosed role in Top Gun: Maverick after losing the aforementioned role to actor Miles Teller.

The film will also feature Cruise's original Top Gun co-star Val Kilmer, as well as Jennifer Connelly.

Top Gun: Maverick will be directed by Joseph Kosinski from a screenplay by Peter Craig, Justin Marks, Ashley Edward Miller, and Zack Stentz.

Powell is most recognizable from his role as Chad Radwell in the short-lived Fox horror-comedy Scream Queens, but he also appeared in the film Sand Castle and as legendary astronaut John Glenn in the critically acclaimed film Hidden Figures.

Most recently he turned up opposite Zoey Deutch, Taye Diggs, and Lucy Liu in the widely-praised Netflix rom-com Set It Up.

The movie is about two assistants who set up their bosses so as to make their work lives easier, but things spin wildly out-of-control. Th film features supporting performances from Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's Titus Burgess.

Powell opened up about his new film and his career in general in an interview with Vanity Fair in June, sharing that while he was never technically an "assistant" before becoming an actor, he was "a script reader at Sony for a while, for this very powerful woman."

"That was not fun," he half-joked. "One of my first days on the job, I was supposed to connect a call with Ron Howard, and I screwed it up. I'm working with Ron Howard on something right now, and I actually haven't told him the story. I screwed up the call, and I got reamed for it. So I was never allowed to touch a phone again."

"I also was sort of a manny," Powell continued. "I've worked at hotels, just across the gamut, and I've had plenty of time to get put in my place in this town. I don't think there's any chance I'll ever not be humble, because I know exactly where I could be right now."

He also spoke about "elevating the rom-com genre" and praised Set It Up director Claire Scanlon for doing "a really, really good job" of shooting the film "like a romance."

"It's not shot like a big, hack-y studio comedy," Powell added. "There's obviously just sort of an inherent magic to this throwback premise. Some of the things we talked about early was The Philadelphia Story and When Harry Met Sally. We wanted it to feel like that same sort of quippy nature that made Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn pop off the screen, and made you fall in love."

"There is this sweet, magical thing that happens with this movie that I just don't think you see with normal studio comedies anymore, because Netflix gave [us] such great autonomy while making this thing," he went on to say.


While Top Gun: Maverick isn't scheduled to be released until July 2019, fans can see Powell right now by streaming Set It Up on netflix.