Toy Story 4 Is Now Available on Disney+

Just a couple of months after the launch of Disney+, the entirety of Pixar's most popular franchise is finally available to stream on the service. The first three Toy Story movies were around on launch day, but fans have been waiting for the acclaimed Toy Story 4 to arrive ever since. Since Toy Story 4 just hit theaters this past summer, Disney waited to launch it on the streaming service in order to give its home release a little time to breathe. However, that window is finally over, and Toy Story 4 is free to stream for Disney+ members.

Disney+ announced last month that Toy Story 4 would be the latest 2019 hit coming to the service, and that February 5th would mark its streaming debut. That day has now arrived, and Toy Story 4 is currently gracing the front page of the streaming service. You can watch it now!

Toy Story 4 arrives on Disney+ just a few days after the release of the new short film, Lamp Life, which shows how Bo Peep arrived at the antique shop where Woody finds her.

Pixar will continue to have a big presence on Disney+ going forward, thanks to the production and release of short films and television projects. spoke with Toy Story 4 producer Mark Nielsen late last year about the opportunities that the franchise would be afforded by the debut of Disney+.

"This is a new kind of way to tell stories and release them that we didn't really have before," Nielsen told us. "We've always done short films, and the DVDs often had a short film, but this does give us a greater chance. And while we don't have anything in mind or any production related to Toy Story right now, beyond Lamp Life and Forky Asks a Question, the door is certainly open to that. And you're right, these characters have such a great implied history and implied future. You can take any of these characters down a lot of really interesting roads."


Are you excited to watch Toy Story 4 again? Let us know in the comments! If you haven't signed up for Disney+ yet, you can try it out here.

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