Toy Story 4 Domestic Box Office Opens At The Top With $118 Million

The box office had a big update over the weekend, and it seems like there were no surprises in [...]

The box office had a big update over the weekend, and it seems like there were no surprises in sight for one film. After all, Toy Story 4 hit up theaters at long last, and the release took the No. 1 domestic spot with a powerful debut that came in under expectations.

According to new reports, the box office results for June 21 - 23 are in. Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, fans have learned Toy Story 4 raked in an impressive $118 million which marks one of the biggest openings ever for an animated film.

The $118 gross came in under previous expectations for the sequel. Toy Story 4 was original predicted to earn as much as $140 - 165 million upon its debut in North America. There is no denying the Disney-Pixar film fell short of those lofty expectations, but $118 million is nothing to sneeze at.

After all, the box office for 2019 has been difficult to say the least, and Toy Story 4 is only the third film to cross the $100 million mark so far.

On the outside, it also appears as if this debut marks the biggest domestic opening for Toy Story yet. However, that would be before you added inflation into the equation. Back in 2010, Toy Story 3 debuted in June to $110 million, but that becomes $126 million when adjusted for inflation.

As for why Toy Story 4 came in under expectations, there are several possible reasons. This animated outing came out after Father's Day weekend which is a holiday Disney-Pixar has traditionally targeted with films like Incredibles 2 and Finding Dory. Not only did the lacking holiday weekend likely hurt the box office, but Toy Story 4 also had to contend with The Secret Life of Pets. The pet-friendly film appeals to the same young demographic as Toy Story 4, but it seems the Disney-Pixar pulled ahead thanks to good-ole' nostalgia.

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