Transformers: Megatron Actor at Theme Park Goes Viral For Roasting Guests

Whether you love the original animated series or the newer films, Transformers fans know what to expect when it comes to the franchise's cast of characters. As new reports and a series of viral videos prove, fans might have gotten more than they bargained for when it comes to one incarnation of Megatron. The costumed version of Megatron has reportedly been courting controversy for offending attendees at Universal Studios' Beijing resort, which officially opened on September 20th. The Megatron cast member has been the subject of several viral videos in recent weeks, in which he roasts and makes fun of attendees as they walk by. You can check out some of the videos below.

The Megatron has reportedly told visitors to the park to "Surrender or be destroyed," and called attendees who don't say hello to him "fools." He's even borrowed lines from the Transformers movies, calling one parkgoer "a foolish guy" and a "a vile human." One particular viral video shows an attendee flipping off Megatron, prompting him to respond: "Your gesture is so rude. Did your parents not teach you this?", and later "Go away. I don't want to take a picture with him." In a statement, Universal Resort Beijing revealed that it would not be reprimanding the guest or the Megatron actor for the incident, as there is no rule preventing guests from "making inappropriate gestures" at costumed characters.

"If anything similar happens in the future, our staff members will try to stop it in a timely manner," the resort added.

Megatron has reportedly even been the cause of some official complaints from attendees, who were "offended" about the way he treated them. Nevertheless, the costumed character has definitely been popular, reportedly drawing long lines of guests wanting to take pictures and interact with him.

Meanwhile, some have been curious to see what the big-screen future holds for Megatron, especially after he almost appeared in 2018's Bumblebee.

"I had this whole thing that I boarded out myself where I had Megatron in there," Bumblebee director Travis Knight revealed back in 2019. "He comes into the scene just absolutely leveling sh-, just laying waste to everything in his path like Sauron in The Lord of the Rings. We had a [new] design and a partial build and everything. I was so excited, I couldn't wait to do it, but then as we started going through, it was going to be too expensive and really did fly in the face of continuity with the [Michael] Bay films. But let's be honest, I'm sure they have a fleeting sense of continuity themselves."

"[It] created issues for people who were unfamiliar with the franchise," Knight added. "I wanted to make sure this film was a tribute to the live-action films as well as the cartoon, that there were layers of enjoyment for fans of both."


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