Twilight Star Taylor Lautner Becomes Batman in Hilarious New Video

With many stuck inside due to the coronavirus, people are finding unique and entertaining ways to pass the time. That is especially true of Twilight, Scream Queens, and Cuckoo star Taylor Lautner, who decided to go all out and become the Dark Knight himself Batman, but not in the way you might assume. Lautner posted a new video on his Instagram account that starts off with three innocent-looking recycle bins but ends up with Lautner in a Batman cowl, but the rest of his costume is not at all what you are expecting, as he seems to have on a deflated sumo suit when he finally emerges, and you can check out the hilarious video below.

The video starts out with three bins, but the middle one starts to move a little. The lid then pops off and reveals Lautner in a Batman mask, followed by him looking around. He then pushes the bin forward until it hits the ground, and then emerges from it and waves at the camera.

After that Bat Lautner (catchy right?) opens up his umbrella (sorry, Bat Umbrella) and then dashes off to save the world. All of this is done to the Mission Impossible music by the way, and it's hilarious. As a perfect cherry on top, he changed his location to Recycle Bin.

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I’m sorry this had to live on your feed 😑

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You can check out the video above.

As for why he decided to become Batman, Lautner revealed his reasons in the caption, saying "bored in the house and I'm in the house bored 😑" It's definitely an inspired way to pass the time, and we kind of love it.


Lautner rose to stardom thanks to playing Jacob Black in the Twilight films, and since then he's starred in Adam Sandler's Ridiculous Six and enjoyed runs on Scream Queens and most recently Cuckoo, where he plays the well-meaning and always hilarious Dale. Lautner recently departed the show, but here's hoping he reprises his role at some point because he was a constant highlight.

Who knows, maybe he'll become a different DC hero every week, so maybe we'll see him take on Superman, Green Lantern, or even The Flash by the time this is all over. Fingers crossed!