What Vin Diesel Could Look Like as Bloodshot

Rumors broke yesterday that Vin Diesel is in talks to play Bloodshot in the upcoming Sony movie.

Some fans can't wait to see what Diesel could look like as the nanite-infused super soldier. ComicBook.com reached out to artist BossLogic and had him imagine exactly that.

See what Diesel could look like as Bloodshot below.

vin diesel bloodshot valiant comics

The Bloodshot movie will be the first in a shared Valiant cinematic universe. Harbinger will follow Bloodshot. Each film will receive a sequel before crossing over in the Harbinger Wars movie.

Diesel will once again be working with Fast & Furious producer Neal Moritz on the project. Valiant's Dinesh Shamdasani is also producing. Dave Wilson will direct. Arrival screenwriter Eric Heisserer is writing the film's script.


The Bloodshot movie is looking towards an R-Rating. That makes sense since the character is as violent as Deadpool or Wolverine. The film is also said to draw influence from action movies like Robocop and Terminator.

Kevin Vanhook, Don Perlin, and Bob Layton created Bloodshot. He first appeared in Eternal Warrior #4 in 1992. According to modern Valiant continuity, Bloodshot is a super soldier with false memories. Project Rising Spirit created him to hunt psiots, humans with powerful abilities. They infused him with nanites that can heal him of nearly any wound so long as he has protein to consume. Bloodshot broke his masters' programming and went rogue.