Will Marvel Announce Black Widow's Disney+ Release During The Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl took place on Sunday with fans tuning in to watch the Kansas City Chiefs face off with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but while fans were excited to see Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady play, they were also excited for the ads and trailers broadcast during breaks in the game. Disney had a solid presence with trailers early for Raya and The Last Dragon and a new trailer for the upcoming Marvel series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier coming to Disney+ in March. But with one more Disney+ ad expected in tonight's broadcast, there's a big question many are asking: will Marvel announce a Disney+ release for the eagerly-anticipated Black Widow film?

The question of whether Black Widow will make the jump to a Disney+ release is one that people have been asking for a long time at this point. Thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the entire 2021 slate for Marvel Studios features has seen a few delays and shifts already and while Black Widow is currently scheduled for a May 7, 2021 release, new variant strains of the coronavirus as well as delays in vaccination schedules has left many wondering if moviegoers will be ready to head back to theaters come May -- and if more theaters will even be open by that time, as many remain closed across not only the United States but the world.

If Marvel were to shift Black Widow to a Disney+ release -- a move that would echo its releases for both Mulan and the upcoming Raya and The Last Dragon -- the Super Bowl would certainly be the place to announce it. With millions of fans already tuned in and excited after The Falcon and The Winter Soldier trailer, there'd be a ton of excitement for Black Widow as well -- not like there isn't already.

However, while there is plenty of chatter that such an announcement could be coming and a number of other films expected to open in 2021 have already begun to shift their dates, back in November it was reported that there were at that time no plans to move Black Widow to a Disney+ release. While a move for Black Widow does seem almost inevitable at this time, at this point it still seems like the shift would be another delay, not a leap to streaming. That said, Disney CFO Christine McCarthy previously said that the studio was "very pleased" with Mulan's Premier Access release on Disney+. Ultimately, the jury is still out.


For now, Black Widow is still scheduled to open in theaters on May 7th.

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