Wonder Woman 1984 Star Gal Gadot Addresses Delay From August to October

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot says Wonder Woman 1984 will be 'worth the wait' after studio Warner [...]

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot says Wonder Woman 1984 will be "worth the wait" after studio Warner Bros. on Friday delayed the superhero sequel from August 14 to October 2, 2020, nearly one year after its formerly held November 1, 2019 release date. That date — moved up by six weeks from December 13, 2019 — changed again when Warner Bros. set WW 84 for June 5, 2020, a repositioning Gadot said brought the sequel to its "rightful home" after Wonder Woman scored $821 million globally when it opened in June 2017. In March, WW 84 moved off its June 5 date into mid-August when movie theaters shuttered due to coronavirus.

"Wow, it's finally happening, & I couldn't be more excited," Gadot tweeted. "To all the fans that stuck w/ us through this time, thank u so much! We couldn't have done this w/o you. I'm so excited for you to get to see this #WW84, it will be worth the wait."

Wonder Woman 1984 now steers clear of Christopher Nolan's latest — twisty thriller Tenet, also from Warner Bros. — after its release date shifted from July 17 to July 31. The studio will first attempt to lure moviegoers back to newly re-opened theaters with a re-release of Nolan's Inception in celebration of its tenth anniversary, offering audiences exclusive sneak peek looks at its upcoming slate as a bonus.

The film, which reunites Gadot and Wonder Woman co-star Chris Pine towards the end of the Cold War in 1984, is likely to have a presence at a DC-centric virtual convention to be held in August. The online event is free to attend and will reportedly be available to stream for 24 hours starting August 22.

After trailers revealed the return of Pine's Steve Trevor — who perished in the first film when he sacrificed himself to end World War I — director Patty Jenkins confirmed the new movie, taking place decades later, is a sequel and not a reboot.

"There was a little period of time where people got very upset, and questioning: 'Is it not a sequel? Is it a total reboot?'" Jenkins previously told Total Film. "It is a sequel, insofar as nothing is contradicted between the two movies. But it's very important to me that it's not more of the first movie. It's a totally different movie. Now, when you see the trailer, you can feel it."

The new movie is "a different tone, look, feel, world, and context," Jenkins added. "That was what important to me. This is its own standalone story that, of course, is also a continuation of our characters and their linear line. It's just its own movie with its own very different feel."

Also starring Pedro Pascal, Kristen Wiig, Robin Wright, and Connie Nielsen, Wonder Woman 1984 opens in theaters October 2.